The siding is among the home components that serve as an important protective layer, shielding the home from elements. Moreover, it is useful for enhancing the home’s exterior style and aesthetics and improving insulation.

Considering how significant the siding’s function is, it is crucial to keep it in good condition. However, even when homeowners choose the most durable siding materials and perform regular maintenance and inspections, their siding will wear out. It will need to be repaired or replaced over time.

Signs That Your Home's Siding Needs Replacing


Here six are signs that your home needs a new siding:

Pest Infestation

Termites and insects can be a major cause of concern for homeowners as these create holes in the home’s siding. These pests can eat away the siding and jeopardize the house’s structural integrity.

Holes caused by termites and insects can also allow rain and snow to get into the home’s siding, which can cause severe problems to the siding and extend to the roof and walls. In such cases, replacing the damaged section or the whole siding is necessary to prevent pests from inhabiting the siding and protect the home from possible moisture damage.


Severely Faded Siding

Most siding is formulated to hold its color typically for its entire useful life. Suppose the siding has severely faded over time. In that case, the siding is reaching the end of its natural life. Its effective waterproofing ability has also run its course, and it has taken damage from long sun exposure or weathering.

Significant fading or discoloration is a telltale sign that homeowners should monitor their siding. When this happens, they need to consider replacing their siding to ensure that their home is laterally protected from extreme weather elements.


Loose or Cracked Siding

There are many reasons why the siding loosens or develops cracks in the panels or gaps between the panels, such as exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and other outdoor elements.

Cracks in the siding can allow water to penetrate inside the siding, and gaps between the siding panels can let insects, air, and rainwater get in, which can cause extensive damage that will need to be repaired.

It may be possible for homeowners to remove one or two bad panels of siding and replace them. However, if larger sections of the siding show signs of cracking, or if large numbers of siding panels are loose, they will need professional siding contractors to replace their home’s siding.


Bubbling or Blistering

One of the most certain signs that a home needs a new siding is the presence of bubbles or blisters. Bubbles on the siding’s surface are an indication that water has become trapped underneath the siding and has caused moisture to build-up. Accordingly, blisters on the panels indicate that the siding has been exposed to an extreme amount of heat from the sun.

One of the siding’s functions is to protect the walls underneath it from moisture. Thus, if homeowners see any bubbles or blisters on the siding panels, they should work with a reputable siding contractor to replace affected panels and inspect other areas for possible damage.


Rotting and Fungus Growth 

Noticeable rotting of boards and growth of mold and mildew on the home’s siding, particularly at or near the seams, where the siding meets the roof, is an indicator that water has seeped under the siding.

Moisture can become a serious issue for homeowners as moisture damage is often unnoticeable until it becomes extensive. Therefore, when they notice the rotting of siding panels and fungi growth on the siding, residents need to replace their siding as soon as possible.


Peeling Paint or Loose Wallpaper Inside the Home

Peeling paint or wallpaper inside the home can be a sign of faulty siding. Siding that is poorly-performing or damaged cannot properly do its function of preventing water from seeping inside the structure. Water trapped underneath the siding can cause moisture to build-up, penetrate through the wallboard, and cause significant damage to the home’s interior walls.

Therefore, when homeowners see that their interior paint is peeling or their wallpaper is pulling away from the wall, they should get their siding inspected and, if necessary, replaced. Having high-quality siding as a replacement can prevent the moisture problem caused by the worn or damaged siding from happening again.


High Energy Bills

Most homeowners do not associate high energy bills with their siding, as various factors can cause a sudden increase in their heating and cooling bills. Usually, when they experience a spike in their bills and feel that their home’s temperature is not properly regulated, residents first inspect the roof or attic and the heating or cooling unit for issues.

However, another culprit for the unexplainable rise in heating and cooling bills could be the siding. When all other possibilities are crossed out, homeowners must call in a siding contractor to ensure that the siding is, in fact, the reason why they experience excessive energy costs.

By replacing poorly-performing siding, residents can lower their energy consumption and enjoy long-term energy savings.



The main purpose of the siding is to prevent water and moisture from getting inside the house. However, like the roof and other home components, the siding needs repair and replacing to keep the home secure from weather elements.

Suppose homeowners experience one or more of the signs as mentioned above. In that case, it is best to hire a siding contractor to address these issues immediately before it causes damage to the whole siding and extends to other areas of the home.

When choosing a siding installation contractor for their homes, residents must look for reputable contractors with the necessary credentials, insurance, warranties, and other requirements that support their business’s credibility.

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