Here at Long Island Roofing and Chimney Suffolk County, we show you how to find and do roofing repair for the most common types leaky roofs. A healthy roof is essential for a healthy house. Problems that start with the roof can end up in the basement or just about anywhere else in your home. We can help you determine if you need a roofing repair or if the best course of action is replacement. We are skilled and experienced in both quality repairs and installations.

We start with an inside look at your roof and ensure that the underlying framing is intact and secure. We examine the entire roof to determine what can stay and what must go.

Sometimes you can overlay a second layer of shingles on your roof. Sometimes you cannot. Let our experts help you understand your options.

When we are finished, your roof will be built to code and you will be satisfied. Nobody likes to return to a job to fix problems and we rarely need to do that. But, if there are problems with the installation or repair, we will be back to resolve it to your satisfaction.

You will feel confident in your decision and we will stand behind our work.

Are you experiencing leaks in upper-level rooms? Is your attic wet? Does your basement flood with heavy rains? These are all problems that can originate with your roof. Our team has done many roofing repair in Suffolk County. We know the area, the climate, and the best materials for this region.

You will be delighted with our work!


There are so many things on a house that can break or wear out over time. We would count it a privilege to be your partner in maintaining, repairing, and improving your home.

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