Roof installation requires professional roofing contractors’ expertise to ensure that the materials are put in place correctly. Moreover, using high-quality and sturdy building materials contributes to the structure’s durability.

Installing roofs under optimal conditions promotes better resiliency and helps avoid structural problems that can lead to costly fixes. Having a properly installed roof can help homeowners maximize their investment in the home.

Many contractors agree that autumn is the ideal season for roof installation, and listed below are some reasons why:


Winter Elements Make It Hard to Work with Roofing Materials

The primary reason why autumn is the ideal season for roof installations is to protect the home from harsh winter elements like cold temperatures, precipitation, and snow. Having roof installations done in autumn also prevents harsh winter elements from exacerbating structural damage.

Cold temperatures from the winter season can make shingles brittle and more likely to break when adhering them to the roof. These conditions might force roofers to do the job by hand instead of using automated tools, slowing down the installation process.

Winter elements also increase safety risks for roofers. Numerous accidents come from roofing-related projects, and the working environment has a significant impact on contractors’ safety.


Heat and Humidity Provide Improper Conditions for Roofing Projects

Many might think that warmer temperatures and clear skies are optimal for roof installations. However, it is not always the case, as heat and humidity can cause severe damage to construction materials.

Heat can warp building materials and make them hard to work with during installation. When shingles get too hot, they become too pliable and may not properly seal when installed.

Moreover, warmer temperatures make it more difficult for roofers to do the job as the heat makes them uncomfortable to move about, and it can even lead to heat exhaustion.


Autumn Provides the Ideal Weather for Roof Installation

The ideal conditions for roof installation are calm and dry days, which are often present in the autumn season.

The ideal temperature for installing roofs is between 70° F and 80° F. When it comes to installing asphalt shingles, which are the most commonly used roofing material in the U.S., most manufacturers recommend the job to be done at temperatures above 45° F.


Proper Sealing

Autumn provides better conditions for shingles to adhere to the roof firmly. The season’s mild temperature allows shingles to have enough time to seal before winter arrives.

Proper sealing helps the home to be better insulated from the winter weather and moisture. Moreover, it also helps prevent strong winter winds from blowing off the roofing materials.


Save on utility bills

A properly installed and sealed roof can help reduce heating bills. Having roofs installed in autumn can mean better home insulation, especially in frigid temperatures.

With the money saved on utility bills, it can help offset a portion of the roof costs.



The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) states that weather elements significantly impact roofing constructions. Cold temperatures, warm temperatures, wind, precipitation, and moisture are among the factors for consideration with roofing projects.

Autumn provides the ideal conditions for roof installation. Its moderate temperatures and milder weather allow roofing professionals to get the job done quicker and make building materials easier to work with.

Moreover, a properly installed roof can better insulate a home for a colder climate. Installing a roof under prime conditions ensures its structural soundness and contributes to its longevity.


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