Properly installed siding enhances a home’s curb appeal, protects against outdoor elements, and improves energy efficiency. However, poor workmanship can cause property damage that requires costly fixes. Choosing the ideal siding contractor is essential to ensure the job is done precisely so that the installation will last for many years.

Listed below are some tips on how to select the right siding contractor.


Look for References

Knowing how contractors do the job and how they treat their customers enables homeowners to manage their expectations with the company. Potential customers can look for reviews listed on websites or ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors.

They can also ask siding contractors for a list of previous customers, photos of completed work, and the dates of those projects. Reputable siding contractors are not hesitant to provide such information. If they refuse to give referrals, residents should consider finding another siding installer.

By contacting past clients, homeowners can confirm the services rendered, and they can also inquire about the other customer’s experience when working with that particular company.


Consider How Long They Have Been in the Industry

Older businesses are equipped with years of experience and a reliable team that has handled numerous siding installations. They are more likely to be knowledgeable in dealing with challenges that might arise on the job. Since they are already familiar with the workflow, they can better guide their customers and manage projects more efficiently.  If the contractor has worked in the area, they will also have local knowledge of conditions and applicable laws and codes.

Still, new companies can also provide the work quality, and customer care homeowners look for. When residents opt to hire siding contractors who just started in the industry, they must scrutinize the company thoroughly to avoid being scammed by fraudulent businesses.


Look for Proof of Licenses or Other Credentials

It is crucial to determine if siding contractors have valid credentials that prove their competence and expertise and business permits to ensure that they can legally operate in the area.

Being licensed means that the contractor has passed exams and met the criteria for working in their trade. Moreover, some undergo extra training or attend seminars to widen their skills and knowledge, receiving certifications to supplement licenses.

States have different requirements for contractors. While some require licensing, others require registration or certification. In New York, only asbestos-handling contractors and crane operators are licensed at the state licenses. Meanwhile, home improvement contractors in the cities of New York and Buffalo and counties of Suffolk, Nassau, Westchester, Putnam, and Rockland are licensed locally.


Ask about Insurance and Review their Terms

Ideal siding contractors should have insurance to cover accidents, property damage, and workman’s compensation. It helps protect homeowners from shouldering expenses like medical bills and repair costs. In addition, the New York State Worker’s Compensations Board requires all businesses to secure worker’s compensation coverage for their employees. Otherwise, they will be penalized for non-compliance. Homeowners must also request proof of coverage and ensure that they are well-informed of the insurance policies.


Inquire About the Warranties they Offer

Most siding contractors offer two different warranties, one for the products used and the other for their workmanship. The product warranty comes from the materials manufacturer and covers factory defects. Conversely, a workmanship warranty is provided by the contractor to cover installation issues. Reputable companies often include this type of warranty because they are confident in their work quality, and they stand by their dedication to excellent customer service. Warranties should always be in writing and must be explicit enough to avoid misunderstandings.


Consider How they Hire their Workers

Some companies employ their installers while others subcontract their workers. Subcontracting is a widespread practice because it provides flexibility in staffing, and it also enables contractors to keep their prices down. Reliable companies conduct adequate screening of their subcontractors to ensure that they will only hire well-qualified individuals.

Siding contractors should be willing to disclose information on whether they hire regular employees or if they subcontract. It should be part of their practice to be transparent with their customers.

Determine the Siding Material to be Used

The choice of siding material often becomes a deal-breaker for homeowners. Some contractors might provide all the other things potential clients require. Nevertheless, they might not be experienced with the type of siding the customer needs. Particular materials require specific installation techniques, and it is not easy to specialize in all of them.


List Options and Compare Offers

Comparing bids and options enables homeowners to pick the optimal siding contractor for their project. Most companies will provide a free quote to potential customers to give them a better idea of the total cost of the project. Trusted contractors should also be able to answer all queries to help clients understand the process. Homeowners must weigh all the factors and determine which offer will help them make the most of their investment.



Siding contributes to a house’s aesthetic value and functionality if installed properly and if high-quality materials are used. Siding contractors vary in quality and workmanship, pricing and project inclusions, and customer service. Therefore, homeowners should thoroughly research the company they want to hire to make sure they have the right team for the job.

Reliable contractors are usually complete with the necessary credentials, insurance, warranties, and other requirements that support their business’s credibility. Qualified siding contractors ensure that the installation is done correctly, making it durable and long-lasting. They should also be happy to assist customers and provide adequate explanations for questions.


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